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What are the benefits? 

  • Great for players to learn how to improve their game in a visual setting. By watching yourself play, you can see how your technique looks and the tactical decisions you have made. MTA is also a great tool to analyse your physical and mental performance.

  • Understand what your match statistics mean and learn how to improve different areas of your game. You can sit down with your parents and coaches to do this, or purchase our Gold Package which provides extensive match reports suited for each player (depending on age/ability). These analytics will give you insight into how to approach your future matches. 

  • Get match footage throughout the year with our yearly subscription deals. This allows players and coaches to track their progress; whether it's technique, tactics or performance. If your coach is teaching you a new serving technique, you can see how effective your serve is now, compared to your serves from previous matches. This helps the coach better understand what techniques are working best and allows players to set small goals for themselves (e.g. trying to get 70% first serves in for your next match).

  • Want to find weaknesses in your opponents? Reviewing match footage and statistics allows you to make tactical decisions to give you a better chance of winning against certain players. 

  • Watch key moments and points in a match to give you more understanding of how you might be playing under pressure. You might notice that you were making errors on deuce games, missing first serves at critical times or did not convert an important break point. This information can help you and the coach for future matches.

  • Find strengths in your game. What was the shot I was winning most of my points from? How many points did I win from my serve not being returned? Video analysis can help players identify their strengths and learn how to enhance them. 

  • For coaches or parents that did not attend the match (or want to re-watch), this is a great asset for them to review your match footage. Coaches can now watch your matches from the comfort of their own home and discuss your performance/match statistics with you (the player). We find MTA can make a huge positive effect on not only the player, but also the coach, as they can implement match information into their coaching sessions.

  • The English Institute of Sport (2019) suggests that during training and competition, there is only a 30% retention rate of information from athletes and coaches. MTA allows athletes and coaches to re-check information in a visual setting which can increase the performance (and retention) from both parties.

  • Younger players can tend to be visual learners and find this method easier to understand than listening to words. Looking at match footage, statistics and analytics yourself can create much stronger self-awareness, accountability and belief in your abilities. 

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