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Weekly LIGA content includes...

  • Personal training sessions 

  • Mindset and resilience sessions 

  • Stretching and recovery sessions

  • Nutritional information and guidance

  • Podcasts with professional athletes

Our content is LIVE (via zoom) or pre-recorded. All recordings are

available to watch through our subscriptions pages (for members only).

Some clips from our sessions 

Aaron - performance mindset coach




why did we start liga?

L.I.G.A is a collaboration between Nic; a tennis coach in Christchurch, (founder of Elevate Tennis), and 

Anna-Marie; parent of a tennis-loving junior. Our combined experiences as a high-level tennis junior,  high-performance coach and parenting a junior player, means we have a good understanding of what junior players need to support them on their tennis journey.

We believe MORE needs to be done for junior players to elevate their performance to the 'peak' of their potential. When coaching, Nic noticed  patterns with young tennis players needing help with their physical performance, mental toughness & resilience, ability to handle pressure and demonstrate consistency and accountability.  He found it impossible to cover all these avenues himself with the kids he was working with and wanted to give a more well-rounded and comprehensive development path to his players. 

To start improving an athletes mindset or physical performance you would need access to a personal trainer,  psychologist, recovery and stretching instructor and nutritionist - this list can go on and on!

As a tennis parent, Anna-Marie found it was hard to find the right people to support her son's goals; not to mention the cost - and time spent driving all over the city to get to various appointments!

With our online sports hub we have gathered experts in their fields, all in one place, to support and guide junior tennis players at a cost that is affordable for families. We don't want finances or location to be a barrier for athletes to go to US college or play professional level sport. 

We want kids to feel inspired and most importantly - enjoy the process. We're really passionate about learning in community and sharing with other like-minded players that have similar goals. We think the tools and learnings that our experts provide will help athletes - not only with their sporting endeavours - but in all areas of life. We are excited to see you online and for you to begin your journey with us.  

What does our LIGA content involve?


Strength & Conditioning


Cardio & HIIT


Core & Balance


Dynamic Movements

Stretching & Recovery




Weekly podcasts


Building confidence


Overcoming obstacles

Empowering thoughts


Dealing with pressure

Resilience & Determination




Breathwork for athletes


Morning rituals 

Being present


Connection to body


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